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Since its founding in Beirut in 2011 as the region’s exclusive distributor of Abet Laminati. Proal has continued its Journey with designers and architects across the Middle East to stake new ground in exploring the infinite potential of this material. The Italian-made compact laminate allows for the creation of an endless range of unique, innovative items, from bespoke furniture to robust exterior cladding and large-scale commercial creations.


The Factory

Since 2014, Proal has expanded in the Middle East with strategically located warehouses and factories to serve contractors and consultants using Abet Laminati. Proal’s dedicated team of experts manages projects from initial design to execution and installation, ensuring seamless delivery. Custom products are designed in-house at its Beirut workshop, leveraging industry expertise and technical know-how to create tailored solutions meeting specific client needs.


Proal KSA

Proal extended its market to the GCC countries andexpanded to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia



HART is a collaborative narrative we create with you. Quality is in our DNA, blending intelligence with a compassionate heart. Inspired by the human body's perfection, we believe true connection happens when the heart meets the physical form. Our materials offer resilience, scratch resistance, timelessness, and durability. With HART, we merge pioneering technologies, sustainable practices, and innovative design to shape a future where our solutions redefine what is possible.



In pursuit of continuous growth, Proal reached a significant milestone by establishing our inaugural factory in the United Arab Emirates. This strategic move propelled our manufacturing operations to new heights and significantly expanded our product distribution in the region.



Proal continues its journey with designers and architects across the Middle East, staking new ground in exploring the infinite potential of this material, remaining the only one to work with High-Pressure Laminates (HPL) in the middle east.


With a strong focus on innovation, our primary objective is to drive business development through strategic opportunities, services, and solutions.

By leveraging our expertise, we strive to elevate our clients’ products to new heights.At our core, we take full ownership of each project, overseeing every stage from ideation to execution. This comprehensive approach ensures that we not only deliver value and maximize quality but also foster client trust and ultimate satisfaction.


Our ultimate goal is to achieve the pinnacle of excellence in the field of structure by embracing continuous development and adapting to the dynamic market landscape with its growth prospects.

What sets us apart is our innovative strategy, which revolves around collaborations and a group approach.As we expand our presence, we are committed to enhancing our visibility through smart product and service offerings across GCC countries and Europe. By leveraging advanced technologies, such as digital printing, CNC, and solid surface works, we constantly strive to provide leading-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients.


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