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Our innovative solutions utilize HPL materials to transform spaces and enhance functionality. We provide cutting-edge designs and durable solutions for various industries.
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Digital printing

Envision it, and we will bring it to life. Thanks to digital printing technology, transforming ideas from pictures and drawings into reality on laminate is just a click away.

Proal offers a variety of custom solutions to meet your specific project needs. Contact us today to learn more.

Custom Solutions.


Find answers to frequently asked questions about HPL and its uses.
Any More Questions?

Is HPL expensive?

HPL offers a cost-effective solution with its durability and low maintenance, providing good value over its lifespan compared to some alternatives.

Can HPL be repaired if damaged?

Minor HPL damage can be repaired, but extensive damage may necessitate panel replacement.

How does HPL compare to natural wood?

Compared to wood, HPL offers enhanced durability, resistance to wear, and ease of maintenance, though lacking the natural grain and warmth of wood.

Where can HPL be used?

HPL's versatility allows it to be used in various settings including kitchens, bathrooms, public spaces, and for exterior cladding, furniture, countertops, and more due to its durability and aesthetic flexibility.

What is HPL made of?

Our HPL, or High-Pressure Laminate, is crafted from layers of kraft paper infused with premium phenolic resin—a higher quality and more expensive resin compared to standard resins used elsewhere. This material is topped with a decorative paper and a protective overlay, then compressed under high heat and pressure. This process ensures a durable, high-quality finish that sets Proal and Abet Laminati apart in the industry.