Golden Door

As the exclusive Middle East distributor for Golden Door, a pioneer in the door manufacturing industry for over 25 years, we present a collection that epitomizes modern lifestyle trends and unparalleled quality. Golden Door's extensive range includes security, interior, and hotel doors, all designed with innovative flexibility to meet every architectural need.

Golden Door


Golden Door offers a line of innovative, versatile doors designed to meet any architectural demand, symbolizing quality through continuous investment in technology and a blend of automation and craftsmanship.

Safety Doors

Designed for unparalleled protection, our safety doors feature custom dimensions with options for anti-ballistic glass or armored paneling, marrying high aesthetics with top-tier security to meet any specification.

Internal Doors

Our interior doors blur the lines between spaces with innovative materials and minimalistic designs, offering a diverse Minimal collection that emphasizes light, shadow, and architectural unity through aluminum and glass.

Hotel Doors

Specially crafted for hotels, this line meets rigorous British standards for fire resistance and soundproofing, combining functionality with minimalistic elegance through customizable materials and a patented concealed hinge system.

Wardrobe System

Introducing the CRYSTAL wardrobe system: a sophisticated blend of transparency and design, featuring an aluminum frame, glass doors, customizable finishes, and LED-lit shelves for elegant functionality.

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