As the exclusive Middle East distributor for PBA, we showcase Italian excellence in architectural hardware, featuring a prestigious collection of stainless steel and aluminum products. PBA's offerings include bespoke pull handles, locksets for glass doors, lever handles, and ADA-compliant accessories, all designed with meticulous attention to detail. Celebrated for its innovation and quality, PBA has earned accolades such as the RED DOT AWARD, illustrating our commitment to delivering award-winning design and functionality across the region.



PBA offers a line of meticulously designed door, window, and furniture accessories, embodying innovation with a commitment to responsible creation. The range includes door and window accessories, cabinet hardware, handrails, and cubicle systems.

Door Accessories

Elevate architectural projects with a curated selection of door accessories, featuring high-quality stainless steel and aluminum components. From sleek pull handles to sophisticated locksets, each piece marries functionality with elegance.

Window Accessories

Discover a refined collection of window accessories designed to enhance both aesthetics and performance. This line includes durable, corrosion-resistant hardware that offers both style and security for any window design.

Furniture Accessories

Transform furniture into statement pieces with our accessories line, offering everything from minimalist knobs to elegant handles. Crafted from premium materials, these details add a touch of Italian craftsmanship to any piece.

Bathroom Accessories

Elevate inclusive bathroom environments with a line of barrier-free bathware accessories, blending aesthetics, functionality, and accessibility. From sleek handrails to essential bathroom fixtures, each product champions equal dignity through beauty and design.

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