Internal Doors

Quiet, Durable, and Privacy-Enhancing Doors

Experience the quiet and privacy with Proal's robust and stylish HPL internal doors.

Golden Door

Why HPL for

Internal Doors


HPL's durability and resistance make it a long-lasting option, offering protection against wear and tear.

Sound Insulation

HPL doors help reduce noise transfer between rooms, enhancing privacy and comfort in homes and offices.

Low Maintenance

Easy cleaning and minimal upkeep, plus stain resistance, suits busy urban areas for practicality and cleanliness.

Design Versatility

Available in various finishes and colors, HPL allows for seamless integration into any architectural style.

Easy Steps to Order and Install HPL.


Begin your project with a tailored consultation to plan your design, evaluate technical requirements, and select the ideal HPL system for your space.

Site Visit

Our team visits your site to ensure precision in every aspect, from space dimensions to environmental factors, guaranteeing a perfect fit for your HPL needs.



We craft your HPL materials with precision, ensuring each piece meets Proal's quality standards and your project's unique requirements.


Our dedicated team ensures a smooth transition from production to function, with timely delivery and professional installation of your HPL materials.

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