Timeless Coastal Charm at Marea

Marea is a collaboration between New York-based architects Amale Andraos and Dan Wood of WORKac, and the talented Chafic Saab from Jamil Saab & Co. 


Batroun, Lebanon





Located just moments away from the historic town of Batroun, Marea attracts a diverse community that appreciates the beauty of nature and the depth of culture.

Designing a waterfront property brought its own set of architectural challenges. Given its proximity to the sea, materials had to resist saltwater’s wear, preventing rust and rapid degradation.


Exterior Cladding
Internal Doors
Exterior Doors


Abet Laminati

The goal was to blend this functional need with an aesthetic that mirrored Batroun’s timeless charm, all while emphasizing the project’s lasting quality.

In response to these challenges, the design prominently features the robust and elegant High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) by Abet Laminati. HPL not only reduced maintenance concerns but also upheld an elegant appearance. Furthermore, a dedicated team was assembled to guarantee the project’s adherence to demanding timelines.

MAREA embodies Batroun’s relaxed coastal vibe. Surrounded by boutique hotels, renowned seafood restaurants, and sportive hubs, its green rooftop solutions amplify its allure. Thoughtful architectural design guarantees optimal views while maintaining people’s privacy, creating an exceptional living experience.

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