Interior Revamp for Indonesian Embassy

The Indonesian Embassy in Abu Dhabi embarked on an interior design overhaul in 2023, focusing on revamping its conference rooms and offices.


Abu Dhabi, UAE





With an eye for modernity, the project harnessed the versatility of HPL from Abet Laminati to achieve a sleek, enduring finish.

A significant hurdle in this venture was the intricate task of coordinating with a leather manufacturer to craft items blending HPL with leather, all within a stringent five-day window. The challenge was heightened by the logistical intricacies of bridging the distance between the Dubai-based factory and the embassy in Abu Dhabi, demanding meticulous planning and coordination for on-time project completion.


Interior Cladding


Abet Laminati

Through adept management and seamless communication, the project team navigated these obstacles, ensuring the timely production, transport, and installation of materials.

The selection of HPL stood out for its robustness, low maintenance, and aesthetic flexibility, allowing for a design that elegantly meets the diverse operational needs of the embassy's spaces. This thoughtful approach has transformed the Indonesian Embassy into a model of functional beauty and design adaptability, setting a new standard for embassy interiors.

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