Upgraded Mount Lebanon Hospital

Mount Lebanon Hospital in Hazmieh took on a renovation project with PROAL Lebanon, focusing on upgrading its look and durability using High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) solutions.


Hazmieh, Lebanon





The project balanced healthcare needs with commercial goals, enhancing both the hospital's function and style.

Facing the project were the challenges of working within a busy healthcare facility, where access is limited and operations can't be disturbed. The team had to work smart to fit installations around the hospital's schedule without causing disruptions, all under a tight timeline.


Digital Printing
Exterior Cladding


Abet Laminati

The careful planning and teamwork minimized downtime and kept the hospital running smoothly.

Working closely with hospital staff, the team found the best times for the work, ensuring the project went smoothly and quickly, avoiding any impact on the hospital's day-to-day activities.

The renovation introduced weather-resistant MEG cladding, ensuring the hospital's facade withstands Lebanon's challenging climate without compromising its visual appeal. The new design blends well with the existing architecture, and custom MEG panels add a personal touch to the hospital's appearance. These upgrades make Mount Lebanon Hospital a standout in both healthcare and architectural design, merging practical needs with an upgraded aesthetic.

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