VOX Cinemas Redesign at Mall of Emirates

In 2024, VOX Cinemas at the Mall of the Emirates underwent a significant redesign, focusing on creating a luxurious and immersive cinema experience.


Dubai, UAE





Proal partnered with Majid Al Futtaim on this project to enhance the interiors with high-quality solutions from Abet Laminati, including interior cladding, cubicles, and custom furniture.

The primary challenge was aligning the design with VOX Cinemas' vision and mood board within a tight two-month deadline before the grand opening.

Thanks to Abet Laminati's extensive range of colors and textures, we successfully matched the desired aesthetic, creating a tailored experience for each cinema space with unique finishes and patterns, such as the Ostuni finish inspired by lime and plaster. The project involved double shifts for both factory production and on-site installation, ensuring everything was delivered well ahead of the opening.


Interior Cladding


Abet Laminati

Key features include interactive displays, premium materials, and unique finishes.

The redesign not only met the functional requirements but also introduced luxurious elements, such as bespoke toilet partitions and engraved patterns in HPL, transforming standard features into highlights of luxury and style. Each room, from the VIP lobby to the auditoriums, showcases a distinct and customized aesthetic.

The redesign elevates the VOX Cinemas experience, combining modern technology and luxurious comfort to attract both loyal fans and new moviegoers, setting a new standard for cinema in Dubai.

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